3.5 years ago Winnie came into my life. My mom went into work on a horrible rainy and freezing cold morning, only to find that a kitten had been boxed up and left in a dumpster at her workplace. The kitten was only 4 weeks old (estimated) at the time. She was severely anemic, full of fleas which lead to tapeworms, hungry and freezing cold.

My husband and I had been wanting a pet, so my mom called me immediately, and sent me pictures of her – as soon as I saw her I was in love and I knew she was going to be my new best friend and that I had to do what I could to save her. We decided to name her Winnie, after the character Winifred Sanderson on the Hocus Pocus movie (this is because we got her close to Halloween, and her coloring).

After many flea baths, medication, a heating pad, and some food, she was finally beginning to act like a kitten.

Fast forward to the present day, Winnie is the top-cat of the house, and she is THRIVE-ing. She has such a big personality and is another family member for us. She is constantly talking to us, will do anything for a cat treat, and she’s always at my side no matter where I am in the house – I call her my ‘trailer’.

We are so grateful that Winnie came into our life, and we love her dearly. She is absolutely spoiled rotten, and now lives the life she always deserved!