One of our #THRIVEFreedomPlan winners!

We had a fantastic time in Las Vegas, Nevada during the 2018 Western Vet Conference! THRIVE’s focus in attending the conference was to spread the word about all the great things we are doing for pets, pet parents, and veterinarians and to build relationships in the industry.

We met so many talented veterinarians and technicians and discussed our current and future opportunities with them. THRIVE is gearing up for a busy summer, and opportunities are abound nationwide!

One of the key promotions was our $1,000 daily giveaway to assist veterinarians in paying off their student loan debt, a complementary program to the THRIVE Freedom Plan for our practicing veterinarians. Dr. Irene Lentis, a graduate of Tuskegee University and Dr. Lauren Ungar of Tufts were the recipients of the $1,000 giveaways.

We will be attending the AVMA Conference in Denver this summer, with a similar giveaway, so please stop by our booth and learn more about what THRIVE is doing to improve the lives of our team members and our patients!

Congratulations to Irene and Lauren!