Not that long ago, my son started to ask for a kitten. We already have three cats, Sally 11, Nugget 4 and Yavin 2, but my little guy was desperately asking every day.

Since I was nine years old, I only adopted stray cats I found off the street but one day, I decided to look online in case someone needed to give up their pet. I found a woman with three stray kittens in need of adopting. I took a chance and emailed, but she replied they were already taken to a nearby shelter. I was disappointed. However, she let me know another stray had kittens that would be ready to adopt the following week. I was beyond excited! She told me they were born on April 9, a date which gave me pause. It is the same date as my mother’s birthday who passed away many years ago. I thought, “Wow… This is fate”. Sight unseen I said yes, we will take one of the kittens.


The next week, I told my son we needed to pick up something at a friend’s house. He had no idea we would be picking up his new best friend. We walked in and the nice woman directed us to the kitchen. On the floor was a box holding two of the sweetest looking, chocolate brown babies I have ever seen. My son’s eyes lit up like it was Christmas. I said, “Would you like to hold one?”. He seemed nervous since our cats are large and plump and in front of him was a tiny kitten. He said, “OK mommy”. I handed him one and he immediately fell in love.  This was the one.


The next day we took the kitten to Thrive and found out she was a girl. I told my son this was his kitten and he should name her. He chose Rose.

She has been a blessing to both him and to me. She entered our lives during a difficult time and is the light we needed. Her new cat family accepted her right away and it’s a kiss fest every day, as they play constantly. After a long day, they cuddle up next to us and fall asleep, while we fall asleep to a sweet melody of purring.

Rose picked up many traits of the other cats and mimics their ways. All but one… she will purr and knead, drooling her sweet little head off.

She has completed our family. It was meant to be.

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