The first time I met Chomp, I knew he was meant to be in my life. Typically, I don’t believe in fate or destiny, but Chomp and I had an instant connection. I met him through a family friend and the first time I visited, I saw Chomp alone in a cage. His owner was going through a rough time in her personal life and would often neglect Chomp, forgetting to feed and walk him.

After that first meeting, when I visited, I would take Chomp out to feed him, walk him and give him all the love and affection he craved. He was perfect. I mentioned jokingly that I would love to keep him. As it turns out, his owner was planning to give him away after having him since he was born. He was so young, only one year and a few months. The previous owner was very helpful and patient as I was in college and had to prepare before I could take Chomp home.

The day I officially took him home, I was nervous. I was nervous that somehow, after a few weeks of no contact, he wouldn’t be as comfortable with me as when we first met. Chomp (whose original name was actually ‘Chump’, but I immediately changed it) was beyond excited to see me again and did several laps around the house when I took him home.

He finally had updated vaccines, a proper meal schedule, so many toys, and a loving home to call his own! To this day, I can’t imagine my life without Chomp. He loves everybody he meets; he loves his toys and his treats! To think we were brought together and as soon as I met him, I had this feeling that he would be in my life for a long time. I wasn’t sure how. I’m just extremely blessed to have the opportunity to care for Chomp as much as he cares for me.

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