Never in a million years did I ever think I would own a Chihuahua. A Chihuahua to me was just a small package of fear (the trembling) and aggression (the snipping).  They were adorable but just not my type. My experience with Chihuahuas was very limited but my impression of the breed was just not overwhelmingly favorable.

In 2015, I came across a post on my neighborhood’s website about this little Chihuahua who this woman was desperate to re-home. She was moving out of the country, couldn’t bring her dog, and did not want her to go to a shelter. I already had 2 dogs at the time; a Pit Bull and a Poodle. I certainly didn’t need any more dogs; least of all a Chihuahua.

She kept posting about this little girl and things got more and more urgent. As the time approached for her to take her to the shelter, I caved. I could not, in good conscience, let a dog go to the shelter; even if she was a Chihuahua. Needless to say, my daughters were thrilled! Trixie fit right into our home immediately and she wasted no time letting the other dogs know that she would be in charge now.

This past year has brought a lot of changes to my life. Whenever I was upset or lonely, Trixie was always right there. It was as if she knew my deepest feelings and was always right by my side.

A few months ago I decided to bring Trixie to work with me to have the doc check her out. She had started drinking excessively and urinating all over the house. Something wasn’t right. After some tests it was determined that Trixie was diabetic and her liver enzymes were elevated. One eye was glazing over with a cataract and within about a week both eyes were effected and she could no longer see.

I was devastated but now was my chance to be there for her in her time of need. Together we fought through insulin shots, eye drops and early morning Denamarin pills. She learned commands from me to help her navigate her surroundings such as “up” or “down” when approaching stairs so she wouldn’t fall. She learned to follow my feet as I scuffed them along so she could learn her way around.

Today she is doing great! She has adjusted so amazingly to being blind. With being diabetic myself, we both take our injections like champs!  We are happily starting life over in our own place now and trying to be as healthy as we can be.  Trixie loves her Hill’s Prescription Diet W/D!

Trixie is the best dog I have ever had and she means everything to me. Chihuahuas are pretty cool after all!

Lisa is our Pet Concierge at our THRIVE Plano location since 2018. She knew that she wanted to work with animals. She looks forward to becoming a Veterinary Technician with THRIVE.

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