Have you been considering adopting a new pet? Sadly, many rescues and shelters across the country report increases in admissions after Christmas due to the stress of integrating an animal during such a busy time. Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over, it’s the perfect opportunity to welcome a new pet into a forever home.

When considering a pet, be sure the pick the right companion for you. Your personality, lifestyle and space restrictions all play a role in which animal will be the right choice. Whether you adopt a dog or a cat, many shelters are experts at making perfect matches!

When you’re ready to bring home your new pet, take the time to prepare your house. This includes keeping toxic foods, pet-unfriendly plants and prized items out of reach. Instead, make your space safe and welcoming with pet beds, dedicated feeding area and a variety of dog or cat toys.

Most importantly, book a wellness visit at your local veterinary clinic. The first step of being a responsible pet parent is to make sure your pet is microchipped. 1 in 3 pets will become lost and microchipping gives you and your pet the best chance at being reunited. THRIVE offers quality microchipping to all pets and will automatically register your information.

Ready to learn more? Download our Microchipping Fact Sheet and book an appointment today. The dedicated team at THRIVE is happy to answer any questions and share the benefits of microchipping, the simple and permanent form of pet identification.