Last week, THRIVE Affordable Vet Care celebrated their 100th clinic in Oak Lawn, Illinois. The opening is the culmination of five years of explosive growth following THRIVE’s launch in Round Rock, Texas in 2015. Over the course of the past few years, THRIVE has expanded throughout Texas and across the United States.

The THRIVE team was in full attendance, including Odis Pirtle, Chief Operating Officer of Pathway Vet Alliance.  Prior to joining Pathway as COO, Pirtle served as the CEO for THRIVE Affordable Vet Care, playing an instrumental role in growing the company to over 50 locations nationwide. “I’m so proud of the teams that got us to this important milestone”, shared Pirtle. “We could not have done this without these amazing people who are truly committed to providing affordable care to those in need.”


The first day was full of excited new clients, happy to see a new, affordable veterinary clinic in their neighborhood. “I can’t wait to tell my whole family because we live so close by,” commented Ruby Minnick. THRIVE Oak Lawn was also visited by Nala Roland, who just so happened to be searching for a vet. “I really love your clinic; we have been looking for a new vet and I think we found it.  You guys are all so great!”

“It was a privilege to join the Oak Lawn team for our 100th THRIVE opening celebration and to share the experience with Michael [Bland] and Odis [Pirtle] who have been here from the beginning,” remarked Teresa Fox, Senior Vice President, Operations. “Both were so proud of the energy and enthusiasm of our team and of this great milestone. It takes a team to achieve greatness, thanks to everyone who paved the way.”

Proudly serving the community, THRIVE Oak Lawn is now open for you and your pet.

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