Thor: We got Thor from the shelter when he was 7 months old. We adopted him on valentine’s day in 2011. He has been the best boy ever since. We don’t have any idea what happened with him the 7 months of his life but it took almost a year for him to really trust us. He would sit just far away enough from us that you couldn’t reach out to pet him easily. Now he regularly sits on your foot to get you to pet him or just sits next to you on the sofa like the true 111lb lap dog he thinks he is!

Being a typical German shepherd Thor has had some pretty bad allergies most of his life. We have done everything from allergy testing to trying a ton of medications to get the allergies under control. Thankfully now we have him on apoquel and he is looking great. It’s wonderful to see his face light up when we mention a car ride or walk!

We take him in the car whenever we can, even if it’s just to return a Redbox DVD. He had the best car ride ever when we had to drive across the country from Virginia to California. Thor has a sister and brother in his 2 feline friends Loki and Odin.

Loki is a sassy little Madame that we adopted from a friend who could no longer keep her when she was about 4 months old. Loki has been sassy since day 1 but has slowly opened up to us and she finally likes to come up onto the bed and get her back scratches on an evening. She loves her big brother so much. She also loves going out on the hunt, her favorite thing to chase and catch recently is lizards! Her Brother Odin isn’t much of a hunter however (unless you count Friskies treats or edamame beans). We found Odin in the woods dumped in a plastic bag when he was about 4 weeks old. He was a skinny little kitten with a belly full of round worms.

Once we treated them he never stopped eating. He has since become a chunky little lovable guy we have nicknamed “kitchen cat”. No matter where he is in the house he can tell the moment you step into the kitchen and immediately finds you to see if he can “assist” in the food prep.

He is just the nicest fat cat anyone could ask for. Even if he does try to trip you whilst throwing himself down at your feet.

Natalie is a Technician at THRIVE Menifee and has been a part of the THRIVE family since 2017.

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