THRIVE was founded in 2014, in Austin, Texas, by an entrepreneurial veterinarian and his business partners. At the time, he was building a veterinary acquisitions company and he realized there was a model missing from his group of practices – the affordable care model that could provide high quality care to the 40% of American pets who were not getting any veterinary care at all.

Thus, THRIVE was born from a desire to break down the barrier of entry that was stopping those potential clients from bringing their pets in on a regular basis.

In a collaborative effort, THRIVE was created based on three simple principles:

PROVIDE QUALITY PET CARE, and value the veterinarians for their knowledge, not forcing any plans on vets or pet parents.

MAKE IT AFFORDABLE; we’ve all seen the statistics of declining veterinary visits, with pet ownership numbers on the rise. We needed to re-build the VALUE that clients saw in veterinary care.

CREATE A GREAT PLACE TO WORK; from our practices and our staff, to our culture and our benefits – we are all about PEOPLE. If our team members are happy, they’ll create great experiences for pets and pet parents.

THRIVE is disrupting the market and the veterinary profession by creating extraordinary experiences for clients and veterinarians. Our pricing is transparent and affordable, creating value in each visit for clients and allowing veterinarians to do more for each of their patients. Our benefits package is leading the industry because we truly value our veterinary teams.

We’re different. Our practices look different, they smell different, they sound different, and our teams are different. And we’re proud of it. We know that veterinarians have been frustrated with the status quo for years and we are a different kind of employer, creating unique experiences for our employees as well as our clients.

When THRIVE succeeds, every one of our team members succeeds. Learn how you can THRIVE with us!