Our pet’s ears are as unique as their personalities, from tiny kitten to floppy cocker spaniel ears, low hanging bloodhound and tuffed Maine Coons, the variety is endless. Not only are their ears used for hearing, but many dogs and cats use them to show their mood – happy, mad or curious! Suffice to say, ears are an important part of a pet’s life and ear care is an essential part of their overall health. There are a number of ear problems that can plague our pets but with proper pet ear care, you can keep ears clean and avoid pesky infections.

Keeping Clean With Pet Ear Care

The best way to prevent ear infections is being proactive with proper pet ear care. Your THRIVE Affordable Vet Care veterinarian is here to help you and your pet get on a proper cleaning schedule. The frequency is based on their current health, breed, coat, and factors. Proper cleaning goes beyond water and a bath, which leaves ears moist and open to bacterial and yeast growth. Depending on the pet, your veterinarian may also send you home with an ear cleaner to use between visits. For the month of May and June, THRIVE PLUS™ members will receive 15% off ear cleaners. Book an appointment to discuss options with your veterinarian today!

The Common Signs of an Ear Infection

It’s a common sight – your dog or cat scratching at their ears. The question is, is it just a simple itch or the sign of something more serious?

Ear infections can arise for a variety of reasons, including accumulation of wax, thick or matted hair in the ear canal or pests, like mites. The signs of an ear infection include:

  • Head shaking
  • Foul odor
  • Discharge
  • Redness inside of the ear
  • Swollen ears
  • Rubbing their face along the carpet or furniture

Diagnosing Your Pet’s Ear Infection

If you see your pet experiencing discomfort related to their ears, the first step is to take them to the veterinarian for diagnosis. Ear infections are itchy and stressful for your pet and need to be treated before permanently damaging their ear. THRIVE offers ear cytology, which tests for bacteria, yeast and more which cause ear infections. Every THRIVE can test and diagnose in-house, followed by a proper treatment plan.


Taking care of your pet’s ears helps to prevent infections and regular visits to your local THRIVE Affordable Vet for routine cleanings keeps your pet happy and itch-free!