I was always a “dog” person. Perhaps it was because I was not allowed to have cats growing up. I didn’t have much experience with them and never imagined you could have such a bond with those strange little creatures. Then I started working at a veterinary hospital and my whole perspective quickly changed. Cats were SO cool with such unique personalities! Fast forward 15 years and I am now a proud, self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady.”

My most recent bunch will go down in history as the best, cutest cats ever (I may be a bit biased). My “foster failures”. My little triplets.  Found the day before July 4th, these 7 week old kittens were rightfully named after US presidents given the occasion:  “Franklin”, “Ben”, and “Theodore”.  We decided at first to keep one.  But then, he needed a brother for comfort and playtime…….and then, we couldn’t just take one back to the shelter for adoption, that would be too scary for him…..…the rest was history.

We now have 3, almost identical gray cats that we just adore to pieces. Also fondly known as the “Gray Team” and the “Wolfpack”.

They keep us on our toes, keep us entertained, and constantly laughing. They are a bonded trio and are almost always together.  Sleeping together, eating together, marching around the house together. It’s funny because as they are bolting around the house playing, it can be challenging to decipher who’s who.

Our friends are always baffled how we tell them apart. But, we’re their “parents” so we notice the subtle differences.  Theodore, for example, has a stubbier tail. Frank is tall and lean and has long legs. Ben is on the chubby side and has a little white spot on his chest.

While our boys look identical, their personalities are so different and I love it! Franklin is fast, adventurous, and fun. He likes to climb and is constantly scoping out high areas to conquer. He’s also very “go with the flow”. He tolerates practically everything.

Theodore is our “Boss Man”. The smallest of the 3 and definitely has a “Napolean Complex” He just thinks he’s the coolest thing ever. A common phrase in our house is “cool like Theodore.” He has a tiny little face and just always looks so snotty.  It’s adorable.

Ben is the chicken. He likes to find places to hide and cautiously creeps around the house with wide, owl eyes. Though, bed time is “Ben time” and something he takes seriously. Ben likes to join us for cuddles and loves to help us drift off into slumber. Such a sweetie.

Pets are just amazing for your mental well-being. When I come home from a long day exhausted and sometimes cranky, they greet me at the door and instantly put a smile on my face. As I get older, one of my favorite past times is just hanging out with my pets. I want to relax and just love on my animals. My cats own the place and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This group is just so special to me. I never thought I’d say it, but they are almost swaying me more towards a “cat person” than “dog person”, though I will always love and have dogs too. Who am I kidding? I’m just an “animal person”.

I don’t have kids, my pets are my kids. Honestly, I’m afraid that if I had a child I would love my pets more. It’s a legitimate fear.  Call me crazy. Animals are just so wonderful. Unconditional love. They don’t talk back. They don’t yell. They don’t judge.

They love you for you and they depend on us so much. Yes, there are times that can be frustrating, but 99% of the time the only thing my pets do is make me smile and happy. What can be better than that?

Chrissy joined THRIVE in 2018 as a recruiter for our West Coast locations. She loves pets and their people and have always had a passion for Veterinary Medicine. She currently has a 13 year old pit/boxer mix named “Bella”, a 3 year old “million dollar mastiff” named “Aslan”, and my “Wolfpack” (3 grey brothers that were foster failures), “Ben”, “Frank”, and “Theodore”.  She plays on numerous volleyball and softball teams and occasionally works relief shifts at a veterinary hospital.

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