THRIVE offers routine surgical procedures, like spaying and neutering for dog and cats, as well as more complex surgical procedures such as lumpectomy, tumor removal, and other non-emergency surgeries. We know that surgery can be very stressful for our clients, but rest assured that the staff at THRIVE takes every precaution to make sure that all surgical procedures and the healing process go smoothly.

Pre-Surgery Testing

We recommend pre-surgical blood work on every surgical patient. Pre-operative blood work shows us how the pet’s internal organs are functioning and allows us to make the best decisions possible before putting a pet under anesthesia. If vital organs that process the anesthesia are not functioning properly, it could be harmful to your pet.

Patient Monitoring

Every pet is monitored before, during, and after surgery to ensure its safety and well-being.. In addition to ensuring the technical skill of the surgeon, we focus on delivering superior postoperative care and the highest quality medications. Pain management is critical to the pet’s comfort and recovery, and also for safety. It is our policy to call pet owners as soon as surgery is over and the patient is awake and resting comfortably to brief you on the entire procedure.

Post Operative Instructions & Follow Up

When your pet is ready to go home, one of our surgical team members will go over postoperative and medication instructions with you. We encourage any and all questions be asked, at any time. Our staff is dedicated to helping you through the healing process, so if any questions arise after your pet is at home, just call us.