Popular Summer Activities that can Expose your Pets to Fleas and Ticks


Summertime is in full swing! After months long quarantine and remote working, it’s time to get outside with your best buds and enjoy the great outdoors. However, you and your pet aren’t the only ones who seem to feel this way. Turns out, the warmer weather and increased humidity not only provide the perfect conditions for flea and other pest survival, but also are fantastic for their reproduction. And lots of it! Flea and tick prevention products are a must to avoid a pest problem at home.

So then, should we not venture outdoors? No! THRIVE and your local vet can prevent a bummer summer for you and your pet by prescribing the best, safest, prescription strength prevention that fits your pet and lifestyle. Prevention is much easier than getting rid of an infestation, which can take months! Practice prevention when enjoying these top summer activities.

Cooler inside but hotspot for fleas

Planning a summer get-away? You and your pup might choose to stay in the comfort of cool A/C, at a vacation rental, hotel or reserve an RV. Shared spaces where guests and their pets stay and sleep for extended time could harbor fleas and their eggs. Flea larva and hatched fleas tend to occur in sheltered areas where other animals sleep or burrow, especially outside in moist, shaded soil. Avoid letting your pup explore the property without caution. They could be an Uber to hundreds of share​d riders when they return inside and eventually back home. Once inside, they can hide in the furniture, carpet, bedding, laying up to 50 eggs a day. One can go from essentially zero fleas to hundreds in a short amount of time.

If you suspect fleas, vacuum carpet and wash bedding and furniture. While this will help with flea removal some, it can take up to 3 months to wipe out a flea infestation. Practice flea prevention in your environment and for your pet or else your chill spot quickly can become a pest party in no time.

Park Pests

Taking your dog to your city park or dog park where pets are active and rest means putting them front and center to exposure to friends of ALL kinds- big and small, and very, very small….  Fleas and ticks are equal opportunity pests. Ticks can latch onto your pet from other pets, wildlife and grassy areas. Fleas can jump 165x their body length from an infested pet or area, onto your dog and others.

If your dog is not on flea and tick medication and they’re showing signs of itching or irritation after your park visit, do a quick check for fleas and ticks. Finger or comb through their coat. For fleas, focus on their lower back and base of their tail. For ticks, you’ll want to search the entire dog, even inside their ears and under their collars.

While ticks can be carefully removed with tweezers, and fleas washed off with a good bath, flea and tick medication is best for prevention. Parks are great for socializing for you and your pet in the summer, but be careful and get prevention because fleas and ticks are looking for new pals, too.

Pest prevention

Don’t let fleas and ticks spoil your summer fun for you and your four-legged friend. Get out – or stay in. Just be smart. Prevention is key. Products designed for humans (like Deet) are not sufficient and often can be very dangerous to the health of your pet, potentially causing vomiting and seizures. Why risk it? If you love your pet, you’ll want to ensure that the both of you have a well-deserved break away, free from these minuscule intruders.

THRIVE offers quality preventive flea and tick medications that protect your pets from the discomfort, irritation and potential health risks of fleas and ticks. So whether you are keepin’ cool at home or need an escape outdoors, we got you covered! Better us than the fleas, right?

Protect your pet today!

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