Sanura is my 9 1/2 year old tabby.  She is the queen of the household and she knows that she can get away with pretty much anything at this point. Sanura has been with me since undergrad and has helped me through my ups and downs. It’s been a long 7 year ride and I could not be more grateful for ‘running into’ her when I did. I found her when I was visiting an animal shelter ‘just to share the love’ and spend time with the animals back in Ithaca, NY.

Out of all the cats that I had seen, this particular one was very weak and emaciated because she was too scared to go near the food bowl when other cats were around. She somehow found the energy to strut towards me and hopped on my lap shortly before curling up into a purring ball of love. That’s when I decided this was my new best friend.

She has traveled with me to multiple countries through my training years and has been spoiled all the way from the Northeast USA to the very bottom of the West Indies where I went to vet school. I feel like most people see cats as emotionally detached animals and they’re always surprised to hear how Sanura behaves at home.

She is the first one to rub, cuddle and purr at or on me when she knows her ‘mommy’ isn’t feeling well and she always comes to greet people at the door. She is very sensitive, smart and is trained to do tricks better than my own dog. Although it took a bit of extra training, she is able to go on leashed walks and loves basking in the sun while smelling the flowers.

Sanura has had her own ups and downs throughout the years as well. She battled with pancreatitis and other medical issues that we had to overcome together. Luckily, she is now a healthy old gal and we continue to share memories together.

Dr. Nieves is an associate veterinarian at the Houston River Oaks location. She is originally from Puerto Rico and a St George’s University graduate. She joined the THRIVE family in June 2018 and has a passion practicing medicine in small animals, pocket pets, exotics and even large animals.

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