Introducing Rogue and Pint! Rogue is my 3-4 year old pit/chow/cattle dog mix, DNA verified! I adopted her from a clinic I used to work at.

She is a distemper & heartworm disease survivor, two completely preventative diseases! Distemper is a virus that causes permanent damage to the brain, resulting in uncontrollable twitching and clamping of their jaws. Heartworm disease is a parasite that lives within the heart, more often than not this parasite causes irreversible damage to the heart.

When Rogue was left at my last clinic, she was an unvaccinated puppy and already symptomatic for Distemper. She was also not on heartworm prevention at the time and was infected by heartworms. Because of her altered health status and current disease process we had to treat her extremely slowly for heartworms so as not to exacerbate her condition.

We were unable to kill off all of the parasites at once as this could have fatal consequences for her in her fragile state. Sadly, Rogue will always suffer with Distemper as there is no cure for this disease. All of Rogues severe health concerns are completely preventable! Both of these diseases are extremely easy to prevent but very difficult to treat/manage once they are positive. Please learn from Rogue, vaccinate and give preventatives to your pets so that they do not have to go through what Rogue did and continues to live with to this day.

Rogue is an amazing dog, she helps me with my bottle babies. My bottle babies are litters of kittens and puppies I take on when they have no mom. They require almost round the clock care and regular bathing which Rogue has no problem helping me with. My perfect little nursemaid, probably because she has had so much nursing herself.

She is a nut in a nutshell but the sweetest dog. She makes sure I NEVER have to pick up fallen food, no matter what it is, and especially when it’s things she shouldn’t have. Because of her distemper, she can’t maintain eye contact but no one is judging. Especially not her bestie, Pint!

Pint is my 11 year old Minpin. He is a purebred german red minpin with the sass to prove it! The center of the show, most of my days are filled with the sounds of his inability to use an inside voice and Rogue chasing him around. They play for the better part of the day until they fall asleep in each others paws.

He was adopted 10 years ago from a neglectful owner that let him become cage bound. That means the person who had him, kept him in a cage for weeks if not months on end. He couldn’t stand up straight, was severely underweight and had urine burns on his legs and belly from long term exposure.

Teaching him to trust me was probably our biggest challenge. He would run if I was loud. He would hide for hours if he got in trouble. And he screamed if he was left in a cage and I left the room. After trust was earned between the two of us, tragedy struck when my first dog was attacked by larger dogs and unfortunately didn’t survive long past the surgery to try and fix his broken little body.

Pint was my only companion through this. He lost his brother and I lost my furry son. That was a turning point in my relationship with Pint because it went from him needing me to me needing him. And he realized that and immediately clicked into consoling me, even though he was hurting too.

Amanda is the lead technician at Atascocita, Houston Texas. She has been a technician for 10 years and has loved every minute of it! She and her fiance have 8 cats, 5 dogs, 2 rats, 1 turtle, and 1 bearded dragon! She is an avid senior pet adopter and dreams to own and operate a senior pet sanctuary so abandoned older pets can live out their days in a comfortable and safe place.

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