Introducing Veterinary CE by THRIVE

THRIVE is committed to disrupting the industry, for pet owners and veterinary professionals alike. We’re at it again, offering free access to quality educational programs and sharing it with the veterinary community.

As a Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE®) provider, THRIVE is excited to offer several veterinary CE programs starting December 2019.

Be sure to subscribe to future learning events at and never miss out on FREE veterinary CE opportunities.  Our current programs are listed below:

Hospital Culture: Appropriate Workplace Conversations

December 4th @ 8 pm EST

In this presentation we will talk about appropriate and inappropriate conversation topics in the workplace that can have an impact on hospital culture. Specifically, we will address topics that can have a potentially negative human resources impact for an individual or group of individuals related to their choices in workplace conversations. We will address specific topics that should be avoided, and how each member of the team can be a good guardian of the culture by driving the right types of conversation.


One Health, Infection Prevention and the Role of General Practice

December 11th @ 8 pm EST

One Health is a concept aiming at better understanding and addressing the health issues arising from the intricate relationship between human, animal and environment. It relates to the complex link between animal, human and environment with regards to health and disease. This concept could be defined on three levels that is the individual (human and animal), the population (human and animal) and the ecosystem. Paramount for this concept to work is the need for collaboration among multiple disciplines locally, nationally and globally, in order to attain optimal health.


Starting the Suicide Prevention Conversation

February 12th @ 8 pm EST

This webinar event will overview the basic foundation for suicide prevention in this field. The main topics will include assessing whether an individual is capable and should offer emotional support to a person in crisis, how to start a safe conversation around the issue of suicide- both when concerned about a person’s well-being and when in need of help, and resources that are readily available and appropriate for those in the veterinarian fields.



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