Preparing for your Visit

A Message from Our Team:

Welcome to THRIVE Affordable Vet Care! Our lobby and exam rooms are open, as we welcome pet parents into THRIVE. This page is your resource to make your visit easy and efficient. 

Thanks so much!

Our Appointment Types

THRIVE offers wellness, sick and surgery appointments. Our goal is to provide outstanding care for your pet at each and every visit, so we have put together some tips to help you and the clinical team prepare and understand your needs. Please note appointment times can be extended under certain circumstances and you may experience a wait due to the condition of other patients.  

Wellness Appointment 

  • Covers routine visits, including vaccinations, medication refills and annual exams, like our Complete Care + Package . 
  • To prepare, thoroughly complete your digital intake form and notify the clinic team of any symptoms of illness. 
  • Typically takes 40 minutes or less. 

Sickness Appointment 

  • Covers any visit that is the result of unusual symptoms or behavior by your pet. This includes vomiting, diarrhea, itchy skin or ears, lumps and bumps, teeth issues and more. 
  • To prepare, thoroughly complete your digital intake form, including current symptoms and duration of illness.  
  • Typically takes less than 1 hour. 

Surgery or Anesthetic Appointment 

  • Covers visits such as spay, neuter, mass removals and dental procedures. 
  • To prepare, please reference pre-op instructions from the clinical care team, which includes limiting food after midnight. 
  • Based on the procedure, total time will vary for appointment. As a pet parent, you will leave your pet in our care, and we will call with an update after the procedure, along with a pick-up time. 

Our Appointment Process

You will be contacted by text within 24 hours of your appointment to begin communication with our clinical care team. You have the option to confirm a traditional appointment, or our new THRIVE Thru option – a convenient alternative to an exam room visit. Clients can hand off their pet in the lobby and will receive a communication from the clinical team to retrieve their pet at the front desk once the appointment is complete.  

A digital intake form will be sent to check-in and verify the details of your visit. 

  • Please use this intake form to describe in detail the purpose of your pet’s visit, your pet’s lifestyle, any current health issues (including symptoms and duration), medication refill requests and to upload documentation and/or photos, including previous records for our team to review. 

Upon arrival, use caution with hot pavement on your pets’ paws when you enter and exit the clinic due to summer temperatures. 

In addition, please use a secure pet carrier or a double leash method of transferring the pet to us: 

  • Small dogs and cats (0-25 lbs.) may be placed in a secure owner carrier 
    • Utilize a carrier if your pet feels comfortable entering and exiting willingly and comfortably 
    • Utilize a leash/harness if your pet’s preference is to not be in a carrier 
  • Medium and Large pets should be on a secure leash 
    • Make sure the collar is tightened to not slip over the head 
    • Ensure a properly fitted harness 
  • For a pet transfer, a second leash, slip leash, will be placed inside the clinic for handover to a THRIVE team member.

We look forward to seeing you and your pet!