During these dog days of summer, we need to make sure our furry family members remain healthy and safe so we can enjoy many, many summers to come! While there are hazards to be aware of during the season, most injuries are preventable. Our staff at Thrive Affordable Vet Care is here for your needs from microchips to medication! Here are a few handy tips and tricks to ensure pet safety is top of mind!


  • Every pet in the home should be microchipped.
  • YES, even those indoor only cats! Fireworks can be scary and cats are prey animals, so their instinct is to run. It only takes one open door to lose a pet.
  • Microchips are permanent, cannot be taken off or fall off, and are inexpensive. At Thrive microchipping is only $35!
  • The percentage of cats returned home without a microchip is a slim 2%! With a microchip the chances of being reunited with your loved one jumps to 38%, an over 2,000% increase!
  • For dogs without microchips that number is 22% without a microchip and a whopping 52% chance of reunification with a microchip.
  • In addition to microchipping, check your fencing to make sure no one can escape easily. Check high to make sure the fence can’t be jumped, and low to check for any holes dug underneath for your pet’s safety. Also make sure any collars and/or harnesses are securely tightened to prevent anyone from slipping away.

Anxiety Medications

  • Don’t wait until the fireworks are going off to get medications. Get with your Doctor now to prescribe anxiety medications. This will allow time to find what medications, doses, and intervals work best for your pet. We wouldn’t ignore the mental health of people we love, and we shouldn’t ignore the mental health of our pets either! These medications are readily available and for the most part inexpensive. Take the edge off anxiety and fear, talk to your Thrive veterinarian to learn more.


  • Pets need to have free access to fresh, clean drinking water at all times.
  • Cats may prefer “moving” water, such as a fountain.

Hot Cars

  • Animals don’t sweat like humans do, and leaving them in a hot car is a BIG no-no and a major risk to pet safety. Even on a 70°F day, vehicle temperatures increase by 20°F or more! Within 10 minutes, a car can reach over 100°F with windows cracked open. Find out ahead of time if your venue allows pets, and if not leave the fur babies at home, not in the car.

Hot Pavement

  • Pavement temperatures can reach scalding temperatures quickly on warm, sunny days. In fact, it can get up to 135°F which IS hot enough to fry an egg! A good way to check asphalt temperature quickly is to place the back of your hand on the surface for 5-7 seconds (remove sooner if painful) to see if it would be comfortable to walk on. If you wouldn’t walk barefoot on the hot surface then don’t let Fido either!

COOL Ideas

  • Make pup-sicle treats with fruits, peas, carrots, and other tantalizing (and safe) foods frozen with water in ice cube trays.
  • Consider adding a kiddie pool to the backyard, so your dogs are free to take a relaxing, cooling soak as needed. Be sure to keep water levels at a safe height for all pets, and clean/drain pool daily.
  • Use treat puzzles and schedule indoor training time for stimulation on days when it’s just too hot to be outside!
  • Use fans to keep the house cool without sacrificing money on the A/C bill!


We know you want the best for your pets. At Thrive we strive to deliver quality medicine and above average service at a below average cost. Let us know how we’re doing, and any other pet safety tips you’re using this summer!