New and experienced pet owners alike often ask their veterinarian, “Why does my pet need an annual wellness exam?” By catching any health concerns early on, you give your pet the best chance to live a long, healthy and happy life! In short, early detection creates the greatest success for treatment to achieve long term living.

In the last 21 years of veterinary medicine, we have seen our furry friends elevated from being “just a pet” to becoming a true member of the family. No longer housed outside, but living and sleeping alongside us, our pets are an integral part of every aspect of our daily routines. From morning exercise, to the quick trip to grab a latte, or even vegging out watching a movie, our pets are right there with us. As the human animal bond has grown, so has our knowledge of debilitating medical conditions and age-related diseases that affect our pets.  The most consistent fact we have learned from research into these conditions is that early detection creates the greatest success for curative treatment or management to achieve long term survival. In a nutshell, diagnosing disease early in the course of progression is key to keeping your pet healthy longer.

For this reason, THRIVE created both the Complete Care Plus and Senior Complete Care Plus packages for our dog and cat patients.  Depending on age, our packages can offer the perfect combination of preventative care and potential diagnostic information for your furry family member at an affordable price.  

The Complete Care Plus package is best suited for adult pets who are not yet seniors. It includes not only a thorough wellness exam, the core vaccines, deworming and routine tests recommended annually by our veterinarians but also includes a urinalysis with a comprehensive blood panel. The urinalysis and blood panel can be paired with information found on examination to monitor important organ systems like the kidneys and liver.  Changes in these tests can be an early indicator of the presence of disease or system failure. We recommend baseline testing in early adulthood and then annually thereafter. Based on information like age, breed and size our veterinary staff can help you decide the best time to start choosing this package for your individual pet. 

The Senior Care Plus package is more appropriate as your pet makes the transition from being an adult to becoming a senior. Thinking about our pets getting older, much less calling them seniors may be scary but wait, there is good news in all of this:  better education on how to protect your pet’s health and affordable access to early testing means companion animals are living longer.  That’s right, longer– we truly love the sound of that!  THRIVE recognizes that as pets increase in age there is also an increased need to screen for common age-related medical conditions. Arthritis, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and heart disease are just a few such conditions that commonly arise with age in both dogs and cats.   When left untreated, or undiagnosed, these medical conditions can negatively affect quality of life in pets.  So, to better partner with you in preserving your senior pet’s health, we offer the Senior Care Plus package. With it you get an annual exam, vaccines, deworming, routine testing and disease screening which are even more important in monitoring your senior’s health, with the addition of a thyroid screening.     

Let THRIVE help you take complete care of your furry friend! Because lifestyle, breed, size and weight can affect when your pet reaches certain milestones, ask your doctor or technician today about our Canine or Feline Adult Complete Care Plus and Senior Care Plus packages. Let them guide you on which might be right for your pet! 

Do you have more questions about being a pet parent? Be sure to check out the THRIVE Guide for Pet Parents weekly to get the answers to your most popular questions. For specific questions and routine care, book an appointment at your local THRIVE. Our veterinarians are here to provide exceptional and essential care for your pet. Don’t wait – book a nose-to-tail pet exam today!