On Wednesday, September 4th, WTVD in Raleigh reported that several veterinarians in North Carolina, including the Triangle area, have diagnosed an unknown respiratory illness in dogs. Canine Respiratory Illness can be caused by both viral and bacterial agents. Many of these cases started appearing in late July through early August.

What Is Canine Respiratory Illness?

Respiratory disease can be transmitted through the air between pets and can contaminate every surface a pet touches leaving behind infectious particles for the next dog to pick up. These diseases are highly contagious, and most dogs are at an increased risk of infection due to lifestyle variables.

Could My Pet Be Exposed?

Most dogs that are affected go to dog parks, doggie day care, or even socialize with other dogs in downtown areas where people frequently take their pets.

What Are The Symptoms?

  • Soft Cough
  • Loud ‘Goose Honk’ Cough
  • Fever
  • Development of Pneumonia

How Do I Protect My Pet?

The Best Medicine is Prevention! While we do not know the exact cause of this new Canine Respiratory Infectious Disease, we do know how to best protect our canine companions. Dogs that are vaccinated against Bordetella and Canine Influenza have a reduced risk of developing severe disease.

Ask your THRIVE veterinarian about having your dog immunized against Bordetella and Canine Influenza. It could save your dog’s life!