Last week, the THRIVE Guide covered the initial cost of getting a pet. Whether you rescue a pet from a shelter or rescue, or adopt from a breeder, you should plan ahead and budget for ongoing care. In today’s blog, we will cover the various ongoing costs of owning a pet.

How much do pet supplies cost?

Adoption is only the beginning of the costs that can be associated with pet ownership! You’ll also want to prepare your home for the incoming dog or cat with essentials like food, medicine, grooming or training, and more! Here are the costs you’ll need to be prepared for.

Pet-proofing Supplies

Your pet can certainly find trouble when they’re looking for it. We’ve all seen the videos – cats knocking things off tables, dogs eating anything they can find off the floor. It may be funny to watch online, but there’s some simple items you can get before adoption that will make sure your pet stays happy and healthy for the rest of their time in your home!

Baby gates are a common solution for how to keep dogs from entering rooms they aren’t allowed in, and can cost as low as $35. And while there are plenty of solutions for mats or sprays that can annoy a cat away from a surface, double sided tape can keep your furry friend off your counters. A good dog-proof trashcan can also make sure Fido doesn’t find anything fun to eat when you’re not looking.

Pet Medical Cost

How much does a dog or cat checkup cost? At THRIVE Affordable Vet Center, you can get your new pet checked-up and ready for a new life with you for less with our affordable nose-to-tail pet exam. Even better, if you sign up for THRIVE PLUS™, you can enjoy unlimited pet exams – for free! Plus, THRIVE PLUS members enjoy 10% off all services, along with other VIP perks. Aside from the initial check-in, THRIVE also offers you savings in other cost areas your new dog or cat may experience – spay and neuter, microchipping, wellness checks and more!

THRIVE Affordable Vet Care provides a great way to reduce the medical costs of dog or cat ownership and keep your bond strong.

Training and Socialization Classes

Especially with adoption, sometimes your new friend needs a bit of help in training or making new friends. Thankfully, there’s plenty of classes offered to make his warm welcome even more comfortable! When it comes to how much dog or cat training costs, usually group costs average between $30 and $80. Private sessions can average anywhere between $45 and $120 per hour! THRIVE PLUS members can also visit their local Petco and receive 10% off dog training classes.

Pet Comfort Items

Things to make your pet truly feel at home is where your spending depends on you! For dogs or cats, there’s an infinite variety of toys, beds, blankets, treats, and other enriching items that can help you bond and share each other’s love. You can spend as much on these as you like – your pet will only appreciate you more for them!

No matter where you decide to get a pet, expect to pay an adoption fee before you’re able to welcome them into your home. There may also be other requirements you’ll need to meet, but it will be worth it to help a pet in need.

Pet Food

Like pet comfort items, pet costs for food is truly subject to the buyer. You can also spend a little more to provide your pet with high-quality pet food. This is particularly valuable for pets with health issues, or for owners that want to provide all-natural ingredients for their furry friends. There’s no shortage of brands that can offer affordable, nutritious, and nutrient-complex food, so visit your local THRIVE for a nutrition consultation to choose the right food for your new adopted pet.

Do you have more questions about being a pet parent? Be sure to check out the THRIVE Guide for Pet Parents weekly to get the answers to your most popular questions. For specific questions and routine care, book an appointment at your local THRIVE. Our veterinarians are here to provide exceptional and essential care for your pet. Don’t wait – book a nose-to-tail pet exam today!