Nemo & Ruger

August 17, 2018 in Notices

I never knew exactly how special a pet could be until I met Nemo. She was found wandering the wilderness with her little puppy pack many moons ago and then my dad gave her to me as my first puppy, she has been everything you could wish for in a dog and more. Even after 15 years she is still the most patient and kind soul I have ever met and I couldn’t imagine a single day with out her.

Ruger is a lady killer, he is a little shy at first but once you get to know him he is a total ham. I have had Ruger since he was a puppy and just in the 2 short years I’ve had him we have been through the works. He was originally saved from Craiglist from being used as a bait puppy, shortly after his arrival to his new home he stole my heart.

The mass amount of love I have for this crazy boy is shocking to most and I can confidently say not everyone will ever understand that. Ruger has been there for me on the days I found it hard to love my self, he has lived and helped me through my darkest days so the least I can do is work hard to give my dogs a better life. To us, a pet might be just part of our life but to our pets, we are their entire life so why not spoil them?

Crystal is the Lead Technician for the Austin South/Brodie Hospital and started in late 2017. She has always loved animals and in her free time enjoys the pool and taking Ruger to dog trails so he can frolic in nature.

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