Did you know? January is National Train Your Dog month! Whether you have a new pup or an older dog, you can always teach a dog new tricks. Beyond impressing your guests at dinner parties, there are several benefits of training.

The Benefits of Training

Creates good habits

A dog that is trained is a dog with good habits. Basic commands like Sit, Stay, Come and Leave It can be taught at home and dissuades your pet from many bad behaviors. Additionally, it will keep your dog safe and lowers the risk of your pet being in an dangerous situation, like running into traffic.

Creates a bond between you and your pet

One of the biggest benefits of training your dog is bonding. By dedicating time and effort every day, your dog will see you as pack leader. Over time, this creates a stronger and lasting bond with your pet.

Allows your pet to be welcomed in more environments and situations

Who doesn’t love bringing their buddy to brunch? With training, you can take your dog to more places, from playing with others at dog parks, to sitting calmly next to you while dining out. The options are endless, and a happy and social dog will bring joy to you both.

Helps them stay in their forever home

Once you train your dog, you will have better control over your pet and find them much easier to manage. Instead of being frustrated with bad behavior, you’ll have a new family member that knows their place and how to behave in their forever home!


Looking for tips to start out? There are several resources online to train your dog at home or you can visit your local Petco for a dog and puppy training class. No matter your approach, taking the first step is all you need to start teaching your dog how to be their best!