We adopted Lucy Liu from the Austin Animal Center in November of 2016. 

My boyfriend went in looking for a Pitbull or some other large dog, but the moment he laid eyes on little Lucy with all of her wild scruffy hair, he was done for. We immediately put in adoption papers and anxiously waited 3 days to see if her owners came looking for her. Luckily for us and Lucy Liu, whoever let her slip out of their life never showed up and she was now ours and we were hers.

Lucy immediately adapted to her new life. My dog, Bella, had no problems with Lucy’s puppy behavior and I’m not sure if Lucy had ever met a cat before, but she quickly became best friends with my cat, Alfred. She has been such a perfect addition into our little family.

Lucy has taught us patience (potty training was really difficult) and she has taught us that every animal truly does have an individual personality. Lucy is the most sensitive creature I’ve ever met. She has a huge heart of gold and she has no concept of aggression, every animal or person she meets is a friend.

Personally, my favorite trait of Lucy’s is her unending affection. Every morning, she greets me with a hug, every night she’s in bed under the covers. She has to constantly be loved, and know that everything is okay. Being responsible for her little life has brought us so much joy, love and respect for the sensitivity that lives inside every animal.

They really are just like us. Not to mention Liu has this adorable bunny hop that she does when she runs that really just sends us over the edge 🙂

Bonnie has been with THRIVE since 2015 as a Tech and now provides clinic trainings for new software. She used to be competitive at showing horses and has plenty of cool belt buckles as proof.

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