When I answered a newspaper ad titled “angels in waiting” in 2001 that was advertising kittens, I never imagined that I would be finding one of my best friends in life. When I saw the little gray kitten with gum stuck in her fur and her ribs showing, I knew I had to have her.  I immediately brought her to the pet store and bought her food, litterbox and a bed.

Once we settled back home and got to know each other, there was a strong bond. I named her Noodles. Over the next few weeks, I felt like I needed to get her a friend so when I heard that there was a little tuxedo kitten that needed a home, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I named him Lomer.

They were the same age (about 8 weeks) so I knew they would be instant friends. At the time I was living alone, putting myself through school, working full time at a veterinary hospital, and doing internships for my RVT license. They were my family to come home to everyday. Over the years and through many life changes, they were the consistency in my life.

Always there to greet me when I came home, snuggle with me at night, and send me off to work or school the next day.  When my husband and I welcomed our baby girl in 2012, they were a bit wary of her but slowly warmed up to her. Over the next couple years, they started to slowly develop health issues such as diabetes, renal failure and cancer but we did everything in our power to pull them through.

I love that they have been by my side since I was 24 years old and have seen me through some of the most difficult times and the happiest times as well. They are such an important part of our family. I wish I could thank them for being such good friends to my daughter, and more importantly help grow her love of animals just like her momma. Their little habits and quirks make our lives so much richer.

Lomer would wait patiently outside my daughters bedroom in the morning for her to wake up, and follow her around waiting for her leftover milk from her morning cereal. Noodles always is on the prowl for a lap to sit on and snuggle with. Sadly, we lost Lomer in March 2018 at the age of 16 due to cancer but our memories of him make us smile everyday.

Noodles, now 17 years old, has chronic renal failure but with her stubbornness and will, she is doing her best to stay strong for us.

Dana is the lead RVT at THRIVE Menifee since 2017. I have been a technician for 17 years but a RVT for 14 of those years. She loves THRIVE and its culture and most importantly her team. She is married and has a beautiful baby girl named Kendall.

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