Realizing your pet is lost is the worst. Whether from curiosity, anxiety or an unleashed opportunity to run off, a pet will go missing every 7 seconds and of those, only 1 of 10 is reunited with their family. Fortunately, modern technology, like microchipping, GPS wearables and online communities, can better those odds for finding our lost pets.

Escape Artists

Just like humans, pets get bored. It’s in their nature to explore, socialize and look for love. When their natural instinct takes over, your pet is going to find innovative ways to flee for adventure. Pets can also feel anxious or afraid. For some, loud noises and bad weather can frighten our furry friends into finding a way out of their “scary” environment ASAP!

Basic measures like a good fence at home, crates and leashes while traveling will help keep them from stumbling into a bad romance and devising an escape plan. New modern options are also available for keeping them nearby, like pet wearable tracking devices and collars. And in the event they should go astray, microchipping is essential in IDing and locating your lost pet. Microchipping along with all your available resources will help get them back to where they belong- with you, their very favorite person ever.

Locating Your Pet

If you’ve taken precautions but your pup or cat still Houdini’s their way out, you’ll want to immediately begin the SEARCH ONLINE. A simple internet search will give you a multitude of resources at your fingertips. Many community sites, like Facebook, Nextdoor, Craigslist, Petfinder and even your local online classifieds, are available to post your lost buddy. Getting the word out is easy and fast. Pet lovers everywhere can share and post their missing pet information, expanding your online pet search party.

Make POSTERS AND SIGNS. Post your pet’s picture and your contact information around your neighborhood, major intersections, high traffic areas, especially where you last suspect your canine or feline was seen. Be sure to check with your local city/HOA agencies for sign posting regulations. Vet clinics, pet stores, groomers, boarding facilities and any other pet service or advocates are also valuable resources for locating and posting about your missing buddy as well. Other pet lovers understand what it is like to be searching. They want to help.

Check with your LOCAL SHELTERS and ANIMAL AGENCIES. For many folks, contacting these types of agencies is their first response to removing a stray from further harm or injury. Contacting these groups is a way to get the animal off the street and in a secure location until the owner can come forward. Check here first, and continue to check in weekly.

Preventing a Lost Pet

Today, modern tech is becoming more popular among pet owners for keeping an eye on their pets. Products such as Fi collars and Whistle devices are pet tracking wearables that sync with a mobile app, using cell towers to pinpoint your pet’s general location. Pet owners are also able to set up safe zones that will alert owners when their pets go beyond their established boundaries.

The most effective option in preventing your dog or cat from being forever lost is having them MICROCHIPPED. Microchipping is an affordable, safe and effective procedure which involves the injection of a small chip just below your pet’s skin. No larger than a grain of rice, a microchip contains a unique ID code, like a digital dog/cat tag, which can be read by a microchip scanner. The process does not require anesthesia and is virtually painless, like a normal shot. Once your pet is microchipped, your local vet can register your pet in a microchip database, along with your current contact information. By microchipping your pet, you can ensure that any vet clinic, rescue center or community animal control center can easily identify your lost pet when they’re taken in. These simple tech options are lifesavers.

If your pet were to go missing, don’t lose hope! Your companion may have made a bad decision, but they really want to come home. Better their chances of being returned to you. Start with microchipping. Through August 31, you can save $5 on a microchip with any THRIVE Wellness Package with promo code MICROCHIPWELLNESS. Simply use the code at checkout!

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