Where do I even start, I have two beautiful cats named Janks and Ellie and a crazy energetic dog named Dallas. Ellie and Janks were “foster fails” from when I worked in emergency, Ellie was brought in weighing about 1.5 pounds and Janks only had three functional legs and weighed about 2 pounds! These two were brought in by good samaritans that found them on the streets and  I told myself that I would only “foster” them until I could find them the most purrfect home, then I realized I couldn’t part with either one of them and kept them both ( hence the term “foster fail”).

Janks went through an amputation surgery to remove his “dead” leg and was known as the tri-pod and is still THRIVING to this day and Ellie is the sassiest calico that Menifee, CA has ever seen! Since both cats were raised with dogs their entire life they sincerely believe that they are dogs as well; they love to cuddle, will come when called, play fetch with their cat toys and will come running from anywhere in the house when they hear their treat bag being opened.

Dallas is 3 year old Australian Shepard and lives for the water! He literally swims all day long! This dog is always by my side, we enjoy going hiking, trail riding, camping etc. These fur babies mean the world to be, they have traveled with me from California to New Mexico and then back to California and I could not imagine life without them!

Animals are such special and unique creatures and I can always count on mine to give me unconditional love and make me smile after a long day.

Taylor is a Technician at THRIVE Menifee and loves THRIVE and everything that we stand for here.She enjoys coming to work everyday with her amazing team. She is a gym addict and an amateur natural body builder with a goal of becoming pro within the next year.

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