When Dr. Mary McKinney expressed her desire to work with Animal Balance, THRIVE could think of few things that aligned more with our culture and we asked her to document her time volunteering so we could all be with her in some way on this amazing journey. Read on below to learn more about the first few days of her trip.

“The area in the Dominican Republic where we are located has limited internet, but we were able to sterilize over 100 cats and dogs on the first two days of the trip, most of which were females. The team melded together quite well, and we have had many challenging surgeries among this population. We have 3 doctors doing surgery and once all the patients get checked in, our medical director on this trip will participate in some surgeries as well. In addition to the canine friends we are also meeting many Dominican friends through this project, which helps to unite us to the culture, the pets and each other.

We’ve been able to sterilize more than 255 animals (mostly dogs) in Rio San Juan Dominican Republic by our Animal Balance team so far this week. We all have the sore muscles and happy hearts to prove it! What an amazing experience and anyone interested in the world of high volume spay/neuter or community service on a world-wide scale should absolutely get involved with one of the many groups available.

I always learn something that makes me a better surgeon and meet new friends along the way. I was able to share the core values of THRIVE and generated a lot of excitement about what we are bringing to the veterinary marketplace too!”

Please be sure to follow Animal Balance on social media to or visit their website to learn more about their mission and ways to donate.