“Just WOW…when you are in the moment you don’t realize what’s happening.  I learned that I need to do these trips more often, so I don’t lose my spay/neuter mojo and to remember why I love them.

The people are all so appreciative of the service, you get to work with amazing people that love animals as much as you do, and you experience cultures and locations in a way that you never could any other way. This is the reason I body hurts and you are beyond exhausted you think you can’t ever do it again, but it is such an amazing experience you can’t stop.

My “retirement” plan is to do 2 or 3 of these a year and more as long as I am physically able. There are many duties beyond the surgeons; intake, prep, recovery and everyone is important to the overall mission. I would highly recommend it because it broadens your perspective and I think it makes for better more well-rounded and compassionate humans.”

2018 DR Surgery Stats:

12/3: 35 routine spays, 7 neuters, 9 pregnant or other: Total – 51
12/4: 28 routine spays, 11 neuters, 12 pregnant or other: Total – 51
12/5: 28 routine spays, 10 neuters, 14 pregnant or other: Total – 52
12/6: 27 routine spays, 1 previous spay, 15 neuters, 5 pregnant or other: Total – 48
12/7: 17 routine spays, 16 neuters, 20 pregnant or other: Total – 53

Total: 255 (195!!! Spays and 60 Neuters) 

(“Other” means they were either in heat, had a pyometra, mucometra or hydrometra or were postpartum)

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