Great Health Begins In Your Pet’s Mouth

Did you know that gum disease can lead to health problems for your pet? Periodontal (gum) Disease affects more than 80% of pets 3 years and older. Great health for our pets start in their mouths. Our veterinarians are standing by to make sure your pet is on the right track. See the tips below for at-home care you can do for your pet.

First, get comfortable to lifting your pet’s lip to expose the teeth. Once your pet is familiar with the toothbrush and you lifting the lip, focus on the outside surface of your pet’s teeth. Progress to allowing your pet to lick the pet toothpaste off of the brush while positively reinforcing your pet.

Make It Rewarding

Make sure you have small amounts of treats your pet loves that you can give when your pet accepts the toothbrush in and around their mouth. Be sure to use a pet-specific toothbrush or soft child’s toothbrush from your local pharmacy and never use human toothpaste!

Dental Exams

Thrive Affordable Vet Care offers Dental Exams for just $25 during the month of February. Come see your vet and learn about ways to help do at-home dental care by brushing your pet’s teeth properly.

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