THRIVE Affordable Vet Care has a new Top Dog! We are excited to announce that we recently welcomed Teresa Fox to our team in June. Teresa is serving as our Senior VP of Operations and brings a wealth of veterinary and leadership experience to our quickly growing organization.

“I am a lover of pets and know the positive impact pets have on people and their quality of life.”

She’s been making her introductory rounds at our Texas THRIVE hospitals and has already mastered the art of seamlessly transitioning between pet speak with all the furry patients and human speak with the teams (an acquired skill). When not doting on all of the adorable pets she encounters in her day-to-day, you might catch Teresa drinking iced teas – being a self-proclaimed iced tea aficionado.

Name: Teresa Fox

Title: Senior Vice President, Operations

Start Date: June 1, 2020

Fun Facts:
: I am an iced tea aficionado. You can catch me in the morning double fisting either two Starbucks Trenta unsweet iced teas or two Route 44 Sonic unsweet iced teas. I will give you one guess as to why I choose to sit in an aisle seat when I travel. Professionally When I visit our clinics I am easily distracted by the pets, frequently using my pet voice and moving between talking to the team and the pets. I don’t use my pet voice with the team…

THRIVE Centric: My attraction to THRIVE stems from my love for our profession and what we are creating by providing a place where great care is accessible for all pets.

What drew me to the veterinarian profession: I am a lover of pets and know the positive impact pets have on people and their quality of life. Being part of the profession is an honor and a privilege.

What I love about managing teams: As a leader, what motivates me the most is knowing that I am part of something bigger than myself and that as a team we are contributing to the greater goal. I love working with a team; creating, inspiring and motivating each other to make life better for pets, the people who love them and our teams.

Come grow with us and join Teresa’s team today! Explore new opportunities at THRIVE.