Dr. Sameer Modak joined the THRIVE team as the first veterinarian on staff. He works from the corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas. 

Reducing the barriers to care enabled many of our clients to say yes to our recommendations…

Name: Sameer Modak

Title: Guy who does what needs to be done 

Region: All of them and none of them 

Start Date: 2014

Veterinary  School: Texas A&M University College of Vet Med, 2001


Fun Facts:

  • My wife and I don’t look a day older than we did when we got married 20 years ago 
  • I like to take selfies for the sole amusement of my two children 
  • To my knowledge I still hold an Austin rec basketball league record for most consecutive and overall 3 pointers made in a game (15) 
  • In 2001, I completed a PDA surgery through brute force and luck. The patient made it 7 more years until the luck ran out and he got hit by a car.  


As one of the founders of THRIVE, I was drawn to the idea of creating something new. At the time I understood how our model would benefit the pet owners of our community. What I began to realize very quickly after we opened was that our model was also going to positively impact veterinarians as well. Reducing the barriers to care enabled many of our clients to say yes to our recommendations. This allowed us to work up a wide variety of medical and surgical cases in addition to being able to provide complete wellness care. It’s fulfilling seeing our veterinarians feel like they can really help the majority of their patients and do all the fun things that make the job interesting.  

When did you know you wanted to become a veterinarian? 

I didn’t decide to become a veterinarian until I was a sophomore in college. In fact, growing up we never had pets so I’d never even considered it before then. I started college as a computer science major, but quickly realized it was not the career for me. As I switched to a zoology major, my sister suggested that maybe I could be a vet. I thought, “That could be a cool job. I get to deal with animals all day instead of people and vets must be really rich”. I got out the yellow pages and started calling local vets looking for a job. I got my foot in the door as a kennel boy and quickly realized some of my assumptions were not exactly accurate. Regardless, I was hooked. I enjoyed seeing how the doctor figured stuff out and the thought of being able to do surgery, etc. was appealing. Bonus points as two years later I met my future wife at that very same clinic. At the time, I was head kennel boy and I’m quite certain my lofty title and limitless potential were quite impressive. 

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