Three years ago we lost our first family pet. She was a six year old Rhodesian/Pit. She meant everything to us. We were about to move and our hearts were broken so we waited to replace her. Christmas came and we were settled in a new place, I had been watching the rescue sites for the right adoptee.

I found a black lab who looked like my first childhood pet. I called the rescue and we drove over two hour on December 29th to meet him. I didn’t intend to leave with a dog… I was just shopping. We found this skinny looking, recently neutered and extremely timid lab in a filthy dirt and chicken wire enclosure. We couldn’t leave him… he deserved better.

We loaded him in our van and I called my wife who I told I would not bring home a dog… I apologized and asked for forgiveness.

We got him home and washed him in the back yard. Then brought him inside and bathed him again (wife’s orders).

Two baths and about 50 dog treats later, Duke was renamed and under our tree as the best Christmas gift I could give the family.

Heath has been with THRIVE since 2017 and leads our Human Resources department.

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