November is pet diabetes awareness month.  Diabetes is a serious illness that can be associated with urinary tract infections, liver and pancreatic problems, blindness, kidney failure, and nerve damage.  Though some forms of diabetes are genetic, in many cases this disease can be prevented.  The great news is that with the advent of high-tech prescription diets for pets, there are some cases that can be managed with prescription food and exercise alone.

As a pet parent it is very important that you discuss the proper diet for your pet with your veterinary professionals.  Proper portion size, calorie intake, fat intake, treats, and the right amount of food to maintain a healthy weight are the best ways to prevent illness like diabetes.

Though the name of the illness is the same, the diagnosis, approach and treatment of canine and feline diabetes is different.  It is very important to communicate with your veterinarian about the symptoms seen, as well as to follow the vet care instructions for treatment closely.

One of the most common symptoms for diabetes is excessive eating, drinking, and urination.  To rule out or diagnose diabetes, bring you pet in if you notice these signs.  Because this illness can affect multiple organs in the body, it’s important to do annual bloodwork on your pet to detect any early signs of illness.

At THRIVE Affordable Vet care, our veterinarians are here to guide you through your pet’s body condition score so you can be sure your pet is on track for a healthy lifestyle.

Is it important to consult with the veterinary professionals at THRIVE anytime you notice something different or unusual with your pet. Preventive care is always the more cost-effective way in finding diseases when you can still intervene. Book your appointment today!