Dental problems are the main reason that pets don’t thrive as they should.  In fact, dental disease is the #1 disease in pets! Dental disease is often overlooked or ignored. We know pets cannot truly Thrive with an unhealthy mouth.

What is dental disease?

Pets suffer from several dental issues including tartar build-up, gum recession, bone loss and fractured teeth. These problems can lead to pain, infections of the jawbone, tooth loss, and liver and kidney disease.

What can I do about dental disease?

Dental disease in our pets is very similar to dental disease in humans.  Just like us, our pets need to get regular, professional dental cleanings.  The first line of defense is at-home care with daily brushing. If owners took the time to brush their pet’s teeth as part of a daily routine, most dogs and cats would accept this as part of life. Even adult pets can be taught to accept teeth brushing. For those who won’t allow brushing, the next best thing is CET daily Rinse or Gel. The final choice for daily care is dental chews. There are all kinds of chews in the market for dogs and cats but not all are as great as they claim to be. At THRIVE we like CET brand. The cat chew has enzymes in it that help prevent plaque from turning into tartar. The CET HEXA chews are coated with chlorhexidine, the gold standard for killing bacteria in our mouths. Our cats and dogs only need one of these a day to help control tartar. In addition to daily care, professional cleanings annually–or at least every 2-3 years–are a must. General anesthesia is required to professionally clean a pet’s teeth, but in most cases, if left untreated, dental disease is much more harmful than anesthesia.