Coronavirus Service Updates

Last updated: 6/29/2020

THRIVE is committed to doing what we do best–ensuring our pets and pet owners THRIVE. In response to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we want to ensure the safety of both you and our clinical staff in the reduction of exposure to human-to-human contact. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated as we come together to keep everyone healthy. We thank you on behalf of your pet that their health and care is still a priority.

  • For the safety of our team members, kindly reschedule your appointment if you:
    • Are exhibiting flu-like symptoms and/or have a temperature over 100.4
    • Have traveled to/from known COVID-19 hot spots within the previous 10 days
    • Have had close contact with anyone COVID-19 positive within the previous 10 days
    • Have attended social gatherings of 10 or more without the use of a mask within the previous 10 days
  • Due to hot summer temperatures
    • Please remain in your air conditioned vehicle until contacted by the team for pet exchange
    • Use caution with hot pavement on your pets paws
    • Bring fresh water for your pet while you wait to stay hydrated (water bottle and bowl)

Social Distancing Helps Reduce the Spread

Currently, state, local, and federal recommendations are to prohibit service to anyone that is currently exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. Our hospitals have taken precautions with new processes and limiting contact in our communities. We are excited to introduce a new service during this time to help give our clients options for caring for their pet and help increase safety during the COVID-19 event.

Updates to Our Appointment Process

  • Please ensure you send over your pet’s previous veterinary records if this is your first visit with THRIVE.
  • You will be contacted by text the morning of your appointment to begin communication with our clinical staff.
  • Upon arrival, please call the number on the door to let the clinical staff know you have arrived.
  • Please have on a face covering on during all pet transfers and/or interactions with our teams members inside or outside of our lobby.
    • Due to short supply, we will be unable to provide a face covering to customers – please come prepared with your own.
  • To reduce human-to-human contact, we are recommending the following:
    • Please use a secure pet carrier or a double leash method of transferring the pet to us:
      • Small dogs (0-25 lbs.) may be placed in a secure owner carrier 
        • utilize a carrier if your pet feels comfortable entering and exiting willingly and comfortably
        • utilize a leash/harness if your pet’s preference is to not be in a carrier
      • Medium and Large pets should be on a secure leash 
      • Make sure the collar is tightened to not slip over the head 
      • Ensure a properly fitted harness 
    • The second leash, slip leash, will be placed at the hospital for transfer to a THRIVE team member 
    • If transfer involves close contact or extreme measures – THRIVE reserves the option to reschedule the visit based on veterinary recommendation and reduction of close contact exposure for the client and staff member involved
  • Your pet will be brought back into our hospital for care.
  • Once the appointment is complete, we will text you to come back into the clinic to checkout at the front desk.
  • Please remain 10 feet or more from any team members during interactions, except for the momentary act of pet exchange.
  • Please remain by your phone for notification of exam findings and/or readiness for pick up of your pet. Housing fees may apply if we are unable to reach you in a timely manner.

Please be sure to check local ordinances on wearing face masks outdoors. The CDC has provided instructions on how to use face coverings during this time. Please click here for more information.

These precautions are for the safety of our clinical staff as well as our pet owners. Together we will flatten the curve!