In October of 2015, THRIVE at Oltorf opened as one of our first clinics in Texas, situated in the heart of South Austin! Located off South 1st street, the Oltorf clinic proudly serves the pets of the Boudin Creek, Travis Heights, Dawson, Barton Hills and South Lamar neighborhoods.

THRIVE Oltorf Team

Since opening their front doors, Oltorf has served over 11,200 pets, including 2,444 cats and 8,785 dogs, with one dog named after Austin icon, Willie Nelson! Dr. Paulo Sosa, DVM came on board in 2016 and has seen some memorable pet patients over the years.

“Out of all the foster dogs I’ve had under my care, there are two that stand out. Two mutt puppies from the same litter that couldn’t have looked less alike. We named them Carter and Ralphie. Carter was slender, his coat golden and with a sweet personality. Ralphie was a lowrider, with a long coat, and rather timid.
Eventually these two got adopted into their forever homes. A few weeks later, one of my first appointments of the day was a puppy named Max who was getting his booster vaccinations. When I walked into the exam room, I was pleasantly surprised to see this pup was actually Ralphie, my previous foster! It’s been gratifying to see this pup become a grown dog, while still being able to contribute to his wellbeing.”
Joaquin Sosa, DVM

Other integral members of the THRIVE team include Toni, who works alongside fellow veterinarian technicians. She personifies the THRIVE mission of bringing quality veterinary care at unprecedented value to all pets.

“Here at Oltorf we are more than just coworkers. We are a team and a family.”
-Toni Oertel, Senior Lead


Serving the Austin community for over five years, THRIVE Oltorf is our clinic spotlight for the month of July!