In February of 2018, THRIVE Escondido opened as one of our first clinics in California, situated in sunny SoCal! Located in the Plaza Las Palmas Petco, THRIVE Escondido proudly serves the pets in the San Marcos, Valley Center, Rancho Bernardo and Escondido neighborhoods.

Since opening their front doors, Escondido has served over 6,000 pets, including 1,089 cats and nearly 5,000 dogs. Did you know? The most common dog breed cared for at Escondido is the chihuahua! Dr. Stephanie Oba, DVM joined the Escondido team in 2018.

“The supportive environment at THRIVE allows me to be able to care for the under-served pets that otherwise would not be able to seek medical attention.
~Dr. Stephanie Oba, DVM

Along with Dr. Oba, Dr. Ross Massimiano has a big impact on THRIVE Escondido as the Area Medical Director of North San Diego and Inland Empire.

“In 2019 we started our New Graduate Mentorship Program at THRIVE Escondido with the help of Dr. Oba and the team. With Dr. Mitchell’s 1st year as a veterinarian, this past Summer completed, we are following the success and brought on Dr. Abigail Cua as our newest addition for 2020. We are excited for this program to grow as we look forward to next year.
~Dr. Massimiano, DVM

If you have visited THRIVE Escondido in the past, there is a good chance you met Luisana Sanchez, Escondido’s Concierge since the clinic opened!

“Being a concierge for the past two years at THRIVE has been a great experience. I have become family with my coworkers and developed a strong relationship with our clients. I look forward to coming to work every day and being able to serve our Escondido community and their pets.
~Luisana Sanchez


Serving the Escondido community for over two years, THRIVE Escondido is our clinic spotlight for the month of September. Thank you to the amazing team that serves pets and pet parents each and every day!