Our Dallas Area Business Manager, Paul, visited Apollo Support & Rescue in Justin, Texas to deliver our donation proceeds from our 2019 Calendar Promotion. Paul met with Anthony, an assistant with the rescue group. Anthony gave a brief tour of the facility.

Apollo Support & Rescue rescues dogs from animal shelters in North Texas. They also find abused or neglected dogs that are trying to survive on the streets. So many dogs have scars from neglect, abuse or abandonement which makes working to save these pets from this life the main focus of Apollo Support and Rescue. This is also why it is so important to have your pet microchipped to ensure that pets do not get lost.

Apollo’s goal is to be a half way point between finding dogs in need and rehoming them to our wonderful families looking to adopt a new pet. Apollo has a large foster community in the surrounding areas that spans from Fort Worth to Burleson to Keller to Denton to Frisco to Dallas.

THRIVE is proud to provide our donation to Apoolo Support & Rescue to help save more dogs from being killed in shelters.