THRIVE offers low cost vaccines to keep your pet healthy and THRIVing! Why should you vaccinate your pet? Vaccinations are a preventative measure to help keep your pet healthy! Vaccines work by preparing your pet’s immune system to fight off specific diseases should they ever develop.

When you visit THRIVE, your local vet will recommend several core vaccines that are needed to maintain your pet’s health, along with any others that may be beneficial. For dogs, core vaccines may include rabies, parvovirus and distemper. For cats, core vaccines often include rabies, rhinotracheitis and panleukopenia. To help you take care of your pet, THRIVE offers several vaccine packages from birth, into adulthood for your pet.

Have a new pet? If your pet is young, be sure to contact THRIVE to discuss our Puppy and Kitten Packages. Young puppies and kittens have maternal antibodies that block their immune system from responding to vaccines. As a pet reaches 8 weeks of age and beyond, those antibodies decline, leaving pets at risk for developing illness. THRIVE administers low cost vaccines every three to four weeks from the age of 8 weeks, up to 14-16 weeks to combat this decline. This approach increases the chance to activate your pet’s immune system and leave them less likely to contract the serious diseases we vaccinate against.

Whatever stage of life your pet is in, THRIVE Affordable Vet Care can customize a treatment solution for your pet’s individual needs. Contact your local THRIVE today and book an appointment to learn more.