THRIVE Community,

We are deeply saddened by the recent events that have escalated racial tensions across our nation.  The inexcusable killing of George Floyd and several others, are deeply concerning and indefensible.  These events create hurt, trauma and lasting damage on our communities and individuals nationwide.  It’s time for this unfair and unethical treatment to end.

THRIVE rejects racism or intolerance of any kind.

Recently, we’ve experienced this among our team in the form of unacceptable social postings by one of our employees.  We’ve acted swiftly to exit this individual as we do not tolerate unacceptable comments of this kind among our ranks.  To those who have reported, we want to publicly thank you for sharing and assisting us in doing what’s right.  To all of our diverse TEAM members, family, and friends, and pet parents among the communities we serve, and the many others who are suffering,  we want to acknowledge the pain you feel.  It’s real, it’s tangible, but it’s also intolerable.

At THRIVE, we believe in the right of all our TEAM Members to be equal participants in our community.  We also believe in the right of our pet parents to equally participate in our inclusive-focused community and to feel welcomed at every interaction with our TEAM members both inside and outside of our clinics.  We reject intolerance of any kind and commit to act swiftly where this exists.

THRIVE’s Mission

Our mission is to bring quality veterinary care at an unprecedented value to all pets.  We accomplish this with highly engaged, committed veterinary professionals who dearly love and care for all people and pets.  Our commitment to this mission and our values remains intact.  For all our TEAM members, we are here for you, and for each other.

Sincerely, and on behalf of our engaged TEAM members, I want to thank you all for your service to pets and people.