10,000 THRIVE PLUS Members

Not long ago, on January 28th, THRIVE decided to disrupt the veterinary industry again by creating a pet membership program. With over 40% of domestic pets going without seeing a veterinarian during their lifetime, we wanted to break down the barriers that kept these pets from being seen by medical professionals.

THRIVE PLUS™ Membership was born. After an initial successful pilot in one of our South Austin locations, THRIVE PLUS™ was tailored with pet owners in mind. We want to create an open dialog with pet parents regarding their pets and to have the opportunity to spot symptoms that may cause bigger problems in the future for your pets.

The THRIVE PLUS™ membership not only helps pets gain access to affordable routine veterinary care, such as vaccinations and routine surgery, but it also addresses the concept of the need for affordable chronic care. Across the country, new THRIVE PLUS™ members are letting us know how valuable it is that THRIVE is giving them a way to better handle chronic conditions like diabetes, thyroid, chronic skin and ear issues, and more. Additionally, it is helping people afford heartworm treatment, complex dental procedures, and to do the diagnostics needed to accurately diagnose sudden and chronic cases.

With unlimited pet exams, pet owners who may shy away from seeing a vet due to cost of a visit are able to book an appointment during clinic hours to see one of our veterinary professionals. Moreover, saving 10% on all our services helps create the opportunity for getting more for your money. Our relationship with Petco also provides amazing benefits with 10% off dog grooming and training at your local Petco, not to mention earning pals rewards on purchases at THRIVE clinics located inside Petco’s.

This is a major milestone in the THRIVE PLUS™ story and our commitment to finding new and exciting ways to make sure all pets get access to quality veterinary care at an affordable price. Thank you for all the support, and your love for your pets! We love meeting them all and with new THRIVE hospitals opening every month in different states across the country, expect to see and hear a lot about how the THRIVE PLUS™ Membership program is changing the lives of pets in an unprecedented way.